unsaid [pretentious poem #2]

[and an old one, too, from 2009] unsaid all the words i'd like to say have fallen between the lines. all the tears you shed are now salt on the desert land of my heart. there's no sympathy: only your reaching hand as i walk away. the flavour of this dark night lays on my … Continue reading unsaid [pretentious poem #2]


watchlist #3: trance

Trance, 2013 Good script. Great direction. Stunning performances. Trance got me glued to my seat from the opening line. In Trance, directed by Danny Boyle (127 hours), the expression ‘mind fucked’ is taken to a whole new level. Modern, high-end interiors help creating this film where nothing is what it seems. Quite the trickster, Trance … Continue reading watchlist #3: trance

“nearly perverse”: on The Lure of Dangerous Women, by Shanna Germain

“Each of us, in the end, craves the thing we promise we do not want.” (TLODW, “One-Woman Town”, 2012, p.67) So, A while ago, I got this book called The Lure of Dangerous Women from my friend Ernesto. I was curious about the title and I read the first short-story in it soon as I … Continue reading “nearly perverse”: on The Lure of Dangerous Women, by Shanna Germain


In times of SOPA and ACTA, I thought of bringing to light a little essay I wrote on Brave New World and V for Vendetta. ‘A JAIL INTENDED TO OUTLIVE THEM ALL’: DYSTOPIAN SOCIETIES IN BRAVE NEW WORLD AND V FOR VENDETTA During the 1980s, the science-fiction genre became a great success among readers and cinema lovers. Hand in hand with … Continue reading ‘A JAIL INTENDED TO OUTLIVE THEM ALL’: